O Beauty Highest Treasure

by Christian Gregor (1723-1801)

The score was borrowed from the Moravian library. Should we wish to perform this again, we will have to borrow the score again.

Moravian Lovefeast for Lent

Ach schönster unter allen!
Wir fall’n dir umden Hals:

der niemand sonst gefallen,
gefallt uns uber all’s.

Ach das sind selge Stunden,
drinn wir uns deiner freun:

O Haupt voll Blut und Wunden,
du sollst gegrüsset  sein.

O beauty, highest treasure,
We greet you with a kiss.

Though none in you take pleasure,
We find in you our bliss.

The hours are truly blessed
In which we joy in you,

O sacred head, now wounded,
We rev’rence you anew.


Press a hotlink. Once on the Google Translate site, press the “listen” icon, below the text, far left. You will hear the German.

Ach schönster unter allen https://translate.google.com/#de/en/ach%20sch%C3%B6nster%20unter%20allen

Wir fall’n dir umden Hals https://translate.google.com/#de/en/Wir%20fall’n%20dir%20umden%20Hals

der niemand sonst gefallen https://translate.google.com/#de/en/der%20niemand%20sonst%20gefallen

gefallt uns uber all’s https://translate.google.com/#de/en/gef%C3%A4llt%20uns%20%C3%BCber%20alles

Ach das sind selge Stunden https://translate.google.com/#de/en/Ach%20das%20sind%20selge%20Stunden

drin wir uns deiner freun https://translate.google.com/#de/en/drin%20wir%20uns%20deiner%20freun

O Haupt voll Blut und Wunden https://translate.google.com/#de/en/O%20Haupt%20voll%20Blut%20und%20Wunden

du sollst gegrüsset sein https://translate.google.com/#de/en/du%20sollst%20gegr%C3%BC%C3%9Fet%20sein