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Psalm Responses:
Choir Psalm Responses

April 2, 2023
Palm Sunday

Mass parts: W.361, W.362, W.363, W.311

Distributed by the librarian:
Hosanna to the Son of David W.1043 (handout)
Hosanna Filio David by Victoria
When I Survey the Wondrous Cross

Print these or use the hymnal:
All Glory Laud and Honor W.483
Psalm 22 – G.33 (also in Choir Psalm Responses)
Were You There W.488

Mass Parts:

Mass of Creation
G.198, G.199, G.202, G.204

Mass of Creation Gloria

Note: If you know the four-part harmony and want to sing it, use the hymnal. If you aren’t sure of the harmony, you may print this and sing the melody beautifully. There will be lots of instruments playing loudly. No need to wear yourself out trying to sight-read the harmony.

Unison Singing Score

April 6, 2023
Holy Thursday

(Note for sopranos: The descant notes in Psalm 116 are too faint in the printed copy. Please look at the online copy and pencil in the notes in your handout. I apologize for this error.)

O Sacrum Convivium by Dausch
Lord Who at Your First Eucharist W.954
Psalm 116 – W.90 (also in Choir Psalm Responses)
Ubi Caritas by Gjeilo
Ave Verum Corpus by William Byrd
Take and Eat W.940
Stay with Us

Pange Lingua by Manalo (handout)
Tantum Ergo (handout)

April 7, 2023
Good Friday

Psalm 31 – W.43 (also in Choir Psalm Responses)
The Reproaches
Jesus Remember Me
Jesus Walked This Lonesome Valley
Were You There W.488
God So Loved the World Chilcott

April 8, 2023
The Vigil of Easter

Three psalms – G.76, G.96, G.98 (also in Choir Psalm Responses)
Easter Alleluia (G.537)
Litany of the Saints by Becker
Come to the Water by Stephen Lay
One Day by Sorenson
Alleluia No. 1 G.524
Worthy Is the Lamb
Dismissal – W.1078 (also in Choir Psalm Responses)

April 9, 2023
Easter Sunday

Jesus Christ Is Risen Today W.516
Psalm 118 – W.92 (also in Choir Psalm Responses)
Easter Sequence W.1080 (handout)
Chant Alleluia – W.1069 (also in Choir Psalm Responses)
Easter Alleluia (G.537)
Alleluia by Ralph Manuel
This Is the Feast of Victory W.515
Worthy Is the Lamb
Dismissal – W.1078 (also in Choir Psalm Responses)