Take Me To The Water

by Rollo Dilworth

Note: you can see the score better if you switch to full screen mode after starting this video. In the lower right corner of the video you will see an icon that looks like a square. Click that. If you are on a PC, you can get out of full screen mode by using the Esc key.

Note learning:

These recordings have the score as written. If the conductor wants you to sing someone else’s line, you might have to ask him to teach it to you.

0:10 measure 3
0:35 measure 13
0:53 measure 19
1:00 measure 3, repeated
1:30 measure 13, repeated
1:48 measure 19, repeated
1:54 measure 21
2:12 measure 27
2:21 measure 30
2:45 measure 34
3:10 measure 38
3:33 measure 42