The Promise of Living

from The Tender Land
by Aaron Copland

Sorry that the volume changes so much on this post. Be sure you know how to adjust volume and don’t blast your ears.

U.S. Army Field Band and Chorus


The recordings below this point have the notes as they are written in the score. If your voice part has been told by the director to “help” another voice part …


These recordings begin at the top of page 3 (the singers’ entrance). The choir sounds like a piano. The featured voice is a French horn. Accompaniment is a clarinet.


Soprano (entrance at 00:34)

Alto (entrance at 01:03)


Bass 1 (entrance at 1:51)

Bass 2 (entrance at 1:40)

Another option for practice

These are very good. However, the featured voice is very loud compared with the accompaniment and the other voices. Adjust the volume until you find the setting you like.


The only time sopranos have divisi is on the last page.

SOPRANO 1 (Entrance at 1:16)
SOPRANO 2 (Entrance at 1:16)


The only time altos have divisi is on the last page.

ALTO 1 (Entrance at 1:46)
ALTO 2 (Entrance at 1:46)


TENOR (Entrance at 0;40)


BASS 1 (Entrance at 2:35)
BASS 2 Entrance at 2:25)