Hark I Hear the Harps Eternal

arranged by Alice Parker

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The Robert Shaw Chorale

Learning notes and rhythm:

Thanks to Catherine LaFerriere for finding these videos!

Soprano 1:

Soprano 2:

Alto 1:

Alto 2:


Bass 1:

Bass 2:


Hark I Hear the harps eternal ringing on the farther shore
As I near those swollen waters with their deep and solemn roar

Halelujah, Halelujah, Halelujah praise the lamb
Halelujah, Halelujah, Glory to the great I am

And my soul though stained with sorrow, fading as the light of day
Passes swiftly o’er those waters to the city far away

Halelujah, Halelujah, …

Souls have crossed before me saintly to that land of perfect rest
and I hear them singing faintly in the mansions of the blest

Halelujah, Halelujah, …

Halelujah, Halelujah, …