Depart O Christian Soul

by William Culverhouse
(Copyright 2008, revised 2016.
The composer granted permission
for us to make practice tracks.)

(Book of Common Prayer)

Depart, O Christian soul, out of this world;
In the name of
God the Father Almighty who created thee;
In the name of
Jesus Christ who redeemed thee;
In the name of
the Holy Spirit who sanctifieth thee.
May thy rest be this day in peace,
and thy dwelling place in the Paradise of God.

Listen to a performance:

Heather Adelsberger sang on this recording.
Click this link. Once on the composer’s website,
click on movement IX.


Learn the notes:


The featured part is a horn or a bassoon;
other parts are a piano sound.

Soprano 1 

Soprano 2 

Alto 1 

Alto 2 

Tenor 1 

Tenor 2 

Bass 1 

Bass 2