Mozart Requiem 8 Domine Jesu

by W. A. Mozart

Domine Jesu- Score

Cyberbass practice files:

Domine Jesu Christe, Rex gloriae,
libera animas omnium fidelium defunctorum
de poenis inferni, et de profundo lacu.
Libera eas de ore leonis,
ne absorbeat eas tartarus,
ne cadant in obscurum,

sed signifer sanctus Michael
repraesentet eas in lucem sanctam,
quam olim Abrahae promisisti
et semini ejus.

Lord Jesus Christ, King of Glory,
free the souls of all the faithful departed
from the pains of hell and the bottomless pit.
Free them from the lion’s mouth,
Do not let hell swallow them,
nor let them fall into darkness.

Let St. Michael, the standard-bearer,
lead them into the holy light
which you promised to Abraham
and his descendants.