How Lovely Are the Messengers

by Felix Mendelssohn

“How Lovely Are the Messengers”, by Felix Mendelssohn (1809-1847), is from “Saint Paul”, the first of Mendelssohn’s oratorios. It is Chorus 26 “Wie lieblich sind die Boten” from Part II of Op 36 (Paulus) and refers to Paul and Barnabas as ambassadors of the Christian Church.


Fayette County High School Select Chorus 2003, Fayetteville, Georgia

This recording was contributed by our friend, Conrad Michels

Score and Practice files for the singers:

SATB score: HowLovelyAreTheMessengers


Soprano (entrance at 0:44)


Tenor (entrance at 0:44)

Bass (entrance at 0:24)

Helmuth Rilling