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Audio Recording with Soundtrap:

Very important: The audio recording you submit must have your voice and only your voice, and you must be singing while listening to the tracks Terry provides in Soundtrap. You listen through wired earbuds, record via your computer’s microphone. Do not listen to a different version of the song when you want to make your recording. We all must be singing along with the same version of the Requiem.

How to use Soundtrap   (Please read this. There is very important information, marked in red.)

If you need support with recording audio or video please feel free to text or call Terry Eberhardt for a live tutorial. Email- or 443-838-0522.

1. Join our class in Soundtrap:

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2. Get your scores:

Mozart Requiem Scores

3. (Optional) Help with note learning:

Mozart Requiem Recordings

4. Accept an Assignment:

When you are ready to practice or record using Soundtrap, click on one of these assignments, practice, record, and save your recording. If you are happy with your recording, email Terry that you are done. If you want to come back later, see number 5, below. Once you have done a “save,” do not accept this assignment again. That will cause some of your work to be unavailable.

Due at midnight on April 23: #1 Requiem, #2Dies Irae, #6 Confutatis, #7 Lacrymosa

Due at midnight on April 30: #1a Kyrie, Rex Tremendae, Benedictus

Due at midnight on May 7: Domine Jesu, Hostias, Sanctus, Agnus Dei

5. Finish the recording in Soundtrap:

To work on an assignment, log on to You will see a list of your projects. The ones you accepted and saved will be listed. Always use to continue working on a project. When you are happy with your recording, email Terry that you are done.

Video Recording information:

After you do the audio recording of an assignment, you will make a video and turn in a video recording. (See the due dates, above.) These will be used, but only the moving pictures, not the sound. So you do not have to struggle to sound great on these recordings. Why do we have to get dressed up and make this recording? Because there is no video from Soundtrap, so you will make those using your smartphones.

Here are Terry’s words about what to wear:
Men- Black Suits/Tuxedo, White shirt, black tie, black shoes
Women- Black dresses 3/4 length or floor, black shoes (if you need to go black/white, you can do black skirt 3/4 length or floor length with a white blouse.

Here are instructions from Eddie Sanders, who will edit the video.

Here’s how to upload your video file and get it to Eddie. These files are too large to send in email, hence this procedure:

Very important: When you make the video, you must be singing along while listening to the Soundtrap tracks that Terry provided. We want your mouth to be moving as if you were recording the audio. I usually film myself using my smartphone and listen via earbuds while my computer plays the Soundtrap tracks. It is perfectly OK to start the video recording first, then start the Soundtrap recording. The extra footage at the beginning of the video will be discarded. No need to try and synchronize the starts of the two devices.


If you are horrified by the way you sound, you are not alone. Everyone feels that way. But somehow, the magic of choral singing happens when it is all assembled and all will be well.

St. Louis Choir:

Other music we are working on:

I Have Had Singing
Alleluia by Basler
When I Survey the Wondrous Cross
I’m Goin’ Up A Yonder

Holy Week and Easter Playlists:

Once again, we are not allowed to sing for Palm Sunday, the Triduum, or Easter.  But we can still hear the music. These playlists contain recordings of music we have sung. Enjoy!

Music for Palm Sunday
Music for Holy Thursday
Music for Good Friday
The Vigil of Easter