Choral Music for 2019 Christmas Concert

How the choral music was prepared for the first rehearsal, Christmas concert 2019:

  1. About 500 scores will be needed. Gather the folders, number the scores so that every singer gets a complete set. Record in the music database the information about numbered scores. (Later, we will be able to tell if all are returned in good condition.) Here, on my desk, are most of the scores that will be needed. Some are on order and have not yet arrived. It is November 18th.

2. Assemble the packets of the singers. Here on my dining room buffet are packets for the visiting singers. They get more music than choir members. It is November 19th and some scores have yet to arrive.

3. Packets for the choir being assembled on my dining room table. A few packets lack the “Processional for Christmas.” I went to the church office to pick up the package from the music merchant and it had not arrived. As soon as I got home, Amy called from the office to tell me the package came in after I was there. I went back to the office and got the last of the scores that were needed.

4. Once the packets have been assembled and checked (numbers correct, all music present), they are too heavy for me to carry in tote bags. So I placed them in a wheeled suitcase for the trip to the choir room at church. It is November 21st, almost time for the first rehearsal.

5. Everyone got the right music and it did not take much time away from the rehearsing. A successful delivery.

6. During dress rehearsal a few days later, someone informed me he left his music in another state. Wanted to know if I had extras he could use. Someone else told me she left her scores in her car. Wanted to know if I could lend her from my stash of extra scores. Sadly, there were no extra scores to lend of “A Feast of Carols,” which is pretty expensive. We ordered only what we needed. So, the kind, patient music librarian explained.

Meanwhile, life went on at my house.

My husband tried to help our neighbor deal with a large tree that fell across the neighbor’s driveway and onto our street. Tom was cutting up smaller branches and hauling away debris when he somehow stepped off the curb, which was hidden by all the leaves and branches. His head hit the pavement. He had to go to the ER, where they gave him some stitches.

And, our grandson visited. I had to do some baking with him. He is such a fun child. Took our minds off all the other concerns.

2019 Christmas Concert:

The work goes on:

Music for Mass on Christmas Eve, ready to be distributed.